A slow unfolding

When planting trees or any form of landscape work, the slowness-of-time has to be taken into consideration when trying to visualise how things might look in the future. And doubly so at Windgrove where minimal rainfall and salty air from the ocean slow things down even more.

Nine years ago the area now called the Peace Bus back yard was just beginning to take shape. Three of the raised containers for the veggie patch, as seen in the above photo, are about to have top soil put into them. Two covered domes have blueberry bushes. A circular area (middle right) outlined by sagg grasses has a fire pit covered with a galvanised lid.

Today the veggie patch is totally enclosed and houses 22 raised container beds for a multitude of veggies to grow free from the ravenous possums. Inside this enclosure are two apple trees, a lemon tree and a lime tree. The blueberry domes still contain blueberry bushes, but the area around each dome has been sort of prettified with native flowering, bird attracting bushes.

Where the fire pit once was stands one of five decorative pear trees that have been planted out to give me — a Michigan boy — an opportunity to witness the budding of spring growth and the coming of autumn colours as associated with deciduous trees.

Whether morning, noon or night, there is something mightily delicious in sitting within the confines of the Peace Bus back yard and savouring the fruits of one’s efforts.

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