Nestled among she-oaks on rugged cliffs overlooking wild seas in south-east Tasmania, Australia, Windgrove is a truly special place: a refuge for learning.

Purchased in 1991, Windgrove has been transformed by the planting of over 9,000 trees and with the creation of several large scale Earth Art installations.

At Windgrove — landscape mingles with art, myth and science.

At Windgrove — contemplation, conversation and creative engagement with Self, Society and Nature are always on the menu.

Peter Adams:

The creator of Windgrove is Peter Adams. American born (Detroit), Harvard graduate (1968), Peace Corps (Korea), carpenter (Alaska), furniture designer/maker (North Carolina), sculptor and environmental activist/writer (Tasmania). Peter’s art is in six museums internationally and he has taught at schools in England, America, Korea and Australia.


postal: Peter Adams – Roaring Beach – Nubeena, Tasmania 7184

Public Speaking:

Peter Adams is available for the inspirational slide lecture: “Windgrove — Life on the Edge”


Limited daily visits and overnight accommodation is available. Please contact Peter Adams via email for further information.


First published in 2003 with over 600 entries, the blog “Life on the Edge” is a diary of photos and prose about the comings and goings at Windgrove.