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  • Wedge Island sunset

    Looking south from The Point during a summer solstice sunset.

  • Tree Women

    Ebony and Abby came to Windgrove twice in the past few months to run Embodied Women Retreats. Just resting.

  • Distant view of Roaring Beach

    Even cloudy days have their magic.

  • Amy Umbel

    Woodcarver and Windgrove Resident, Amy Umbel sits on the Berensohn/Lawrence Memorial Bench drawing inspiration from the landscape.

  • Pumpkin

    At the end of the Gaia Evolution Walk is a 6 metre/21 foot tall sculpture. Just to its right is the Gate to the Future.

  • A slow unfolding

    When planting trees or any form of landscape work, the slowness-of-time has to be taken into consideration when trying to visualise how things might look in the future. And doubly so at…

  • The staff

    I want to talk about a walking staff. Not any staff, but this staff. The one I carved for Paulus Berensohn after his first stroke. The above image is from five years…

  • Two aspects within the hour

    Don’t let the blue sky with its billowy white clouds — that appear to be floating serenely on a sunny afternoon — deceive you into thinking you might want to sit down…

  • A road less travelled

    In May of this year I was invited to be on a four-person panel discussing our autobiographical accounts on the topic: “The Roads Less Travelled”; part of a week-long 50th Reunion celebration…

  • My elder/mentor years

    It’s that time in my life to now give ample and fearless consideration to what it means when one’s physical capabilities are diminishing, but one still wants to be “in service”. For…